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TrueDark Twilight Sunset Aviators
TrueDark Twilight Sunset Aviators
TrueDark Twilight Sunset Aviators
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TrueDark Twilight Sunset Aviators

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TrueDark Twilight Sunset Aviators

Gradient lensed, stylish, streamlined design, matte black lightweight stainless-steel frame, nighttime junk light blockers.

TrueDark® patent-pending red-to-amber gradient lenses provide junk light protection after the sun goes down.  They are darker on top to protect against harsh junk light as well as with distance glare. They are lighter on the bottom to help you perform tasks. These are ideal for initializing your winding down routine after a long day — perfect for preparing dinner, relaxing with a book, or watching television.  Their Gradient lenses were created as an in-between option that is darker than TrueDark® Daywalker lenses and lighter than TrueDark® Twilight lenses.

When you are ready to shift into sleep mode, simply reach for Truedark® red lensed eyewear that tells your body it’s dark, helping you get ready for a great night’s sleep. You can still see to read, watch TV or work on your computer/tablet/phone, while your sleep hormones shift to night mode. When your head hits the pillow, you’ll fall asleep quickly and sleep more deeply. Twilight glasses are also great for managing time-zone shifts, such as when traveling. Another great use is for people (such as new moms) who get up in the middle of the night and need to get back to sleep quickly. For those who live in far northern climates where it’s light well into the night, Twilight glasses can provide “early darkness” for better summertime sleep. TrueDark is designed to be worn 30 minutes to 2 hours before going to bed or wanting to sleep. 98% of blue, green and violet wavelengths are blocked. Choose TrueDark red lensed Twilight Elites if you are still active around your home before bedtime (so you can see the dog or cat instead of tripping over them!).

Combined with daytime use of TrueDark Daywalker glasses, you’ll experience 24-hour protection from junk light.

TrueDark® Twilight Sunset glasses come with:

  • Polarized plus anti-reflective coating on lenses

  • Lightweight matte black stainless-steel frame

  • Hard-shell glasses case

  • Microfiber lens cleaning cloth


19 oz


6.9 × 3.1 × 2.9 in

Total Length

141 mm

Lens Frame Length

65 mm

Lens Frame Width

50 mm

Arms Length

145 mm

Nose Pad Space

13 mm


Glasses, case, and cloth included.