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Purica Betaine HCL 180 Vegan capsules

Purica Betaine HCL 180 Vegan capsules

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Purica Betaine HCL 180 Vegan capsules

Betaine—also known as trimethylglycine or TMG—consists of the amino acid glycine and three methyl groups. Inside the body, it acts as a methyl donor, thus supporting many important functions within the body. Pure vegan betaine also helps support the liver and digestion.

  • Helps to support liver function
  • Helps to support digestion/digestive aid

Medicinal ingredients (per capsule):

Betaine hydrochloride
(1-Carboxy-N,N,N-trimethylmethanaminium chloride)
500.0 mg

Non-medicinal ingredients: Hypromellose, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose

Recommended dose: Adults: 1-2 capsule(s) 1-3 time(s) per day
Take with food/meal.