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Divine Essence Organic Lemon Essential Oil 15ml

Divine Essence Organic Lemon Essential Oil 15ml

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Divine Essence, Organic Lemon, Essential Oil

Citrus limonum

Cultivated primarily in the Mediterranean basin, lemon originated in India. Its colour, sweet-to-sour ratios, scent and taste as well as abundance vary from species to species and from climate to climate. The maturity of the lemon tree and its growing region, or terroir, will also determine how prolifically it can provide essential oil and in how wide a diversity of flavours. Such qualities, along with a fruity, delicate scent, make lemon ideal for fighting off colds and flu.

Lemon essential oil is used in aromatherapy to relieve symptoms of cold and flu.


NPN - 80047526

Botanical name - Citrus limonum

Culture - Organic

Extraction method - Cold expression of the zest

Part used - Peel

Color - Pale yellow to greenish yellow

Odor - Fresh, zesty

Chemotype - LIMONENE