Ascenta NutraSea HP 500ml Lemon

Ascenta NutraSea HP 500ml Lemon

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NutraSea HP is a high-EPA supplement and our most potent omega-3 supplement, with 1,500mg of EPA and 500mg of DHA in every dose. A formulation high in EPA can suppress inflammation and reduce muscle and joint pain, as well as benefit cardiovascular health, brain function, and joints and mobility.


Each Teaspoon (5 ml) contains:

Fish oil (sardine, anchovy, mackerel)
Omega-3 2300 mg
EPA 1500 mg
DHA 500 mg
Non-medicinal ingredients: all natural flavouring, tocopherols (derived from soy), green tea extract.

Dosage: Take 1 Tsp (5 ml) daily.