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Earthrunners Circadian Lifestyle Barefoot Sandals

Earthrunners Circadian Lifestyle Barefoot Sandals

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EarthRunners, The Circadian, Barefoot Sandal

The Circadian will keep you secure and in tune with the earth’s natural rhythms—at every step. The minimalist nature of Earth Runners sandals offers a gentle reminder to yourself–and others–of the oneness you share with the Earth.

Weight: 5.9 oz (single sandal, men's 9 / women's 11)

Thickness: 9mm = 7.5mm base + 1.5mm tread

Sole:  Vibram® Gumlite Outsole

Footbed:  Earth Grip

    • Moisture-wicking Canvas
  • GOTS (Organic) Certified Small Batch Dye
Laces:  Grounded Conductive Lifestyle Laces™ 
    • 5/8” Mil-Spec Reinforced Webbing
    • Earthing Plug & Conductive Stainless Steel Thread