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BetterThanNoodles Konjac Thai Style

Better Than Konjac Thai Style

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Better Than Noodles, Konjac Thai Style are the perfect replacement for low-carb, keto, and diabetic diets! They are low GI, high fibre, and so easy to use. If you've been missing noodles you have to try these! 

    • Organic
    • Low GI (suitable for diabetic diets)
    • No gluten, wheat, fat, carbs and sugar - Keto Friendly
    • High fibre
    • Vegan and Vegetarian
    • 10 calories per 100g serving

Ingredients: Purified Water, Organic Konjac Flour, Organic Oat fibre (Juroat), Hydrated Lime (in the water solution). 

Energy kJ / kcal 35kJ/9kcal
Fat, g 0g
of which saturates, g 0g
Carbohydrates, g 0g
of which sugars, g 0g
Fibre, g 4g
Proteins, g 0.2g
Salt, g 0g