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Higher Healths Beef Heart 180 capsules

Higher Healths Beef Heart 180 capsules

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Higher Healths BEEF HEART 180 Capsules of Grass-Fed/Grass Finished 100% Freeze Dried

Our 100% Pure Beef Heart Capsules really are rockstars because they provide nourishment that only whole food products do.

What makes the heart such an amazing catalyst for health? It promotes better heart health and helps athletic performance. Our capsules: 

    • Support Blood Pressure Health
    • Support Mitochondrial Health
    • Support Heart Health
    • Improve Athletic Performance
    • Strengthen Connective Tissue Health

Beef heart is extremely beneficial in supporting better heart health as it's the highest CoQ10 Supernutrient organ in nature.

Sourced from cattle that are pasture-raised in Alberta, home of some of the finest beef in the world. They are Grass-Fed, Undefatted (yup, that's a word), and Grass-Finished to provide you with optimal results. Higher Healths provides you with 100% Pure Beef Organs of the purest of the pure that has been dehydrated and capsulized for easier consumption. No use of hormones, GMO's, pesticides, fillers, flow agents, or magnesium stearate. This product is Paleo, Primal, and Ketogenic friendly.

Serving size: 6 capsules

30 servings per container


Amount per serving: Freeze-dried Canadian grass-fed beef heart 3000mg, freeze-dried Canadian grass-fed beef liver 300mg.

Amount per capsule: Grass-fed heart (bovine) 500mg, grass-bed liver (bovine) 50mg.

Other ingredients: Collagen (beef gelatin) capsules.