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Buff Bison Original Snack Sticks 2pk

Buff Bison Original Snack Sticks 2pk

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Buff Bison, Original Snack Sticks, 2 Pack

These Artisan Bison Snack Sticks contain only the cleanest ingredients and the best bison meat. Made in small batches with a consistent process of fermenting and cold smoking, they’re able to ensures a smoky, tangy, and satisfying snack each time.

Why we love Buff Bison Sticks: 

    • 100% Made in Canada

    • 0 added nitrates (product contains natural nitrates found in sea salt & celery extract)

    • Made with all natural, clean ingredients

    • Allergen free

    • Dairy free

  • Soy free

Ingredients: 100% Canadian Bison, beef; maple syrup, alternate cure (cultured celery powder), sea salt, spices, starter culture, natural wood smoke, extra virgin olive oil.