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LoveGoodFats Lemon Mousse Snack Bar Case

LoveGoodFats Lemon Mousse Snack Bar Case

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Love Good Fats, Lemon Mousse, 12 pack

Love Good Fats' NEW lemon mousse fat bar flavour is so delicious. It combines a soft truffle-like texture with yummy, creamy, and citrusy flavours; it’s like dessert in a bar! Made with clean, natural, wholesome ingredients, 2g of sugar, and lots of good fats, this bar will leave you feeling satisfied and satiated. A great keto friendly snack option for those who like a fruity and creamy treat!

Try them frozen    for a totally different texture.

Keto Friendly | Gluten Free | Soy Free | No Sugar Alcohols


Lemon Mousse Fat Bar Ingredients

Lemon Mousse Fat Bar nutritional facts