Bulletproof The Cookbook

Bulletproof The Cookbook

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Food should taste good. Eating is one of the few things you do every day (unless you’re fasting), and it can be one of the great joys in life – especially if you have a great recipe at your side.

125 Bulletproof recipes specially designed to upgrade your performance. You’ll learn how to diversify your diet with ingredients like dandelion and sumac, and how to make Bulletproof versions of Thai, Indian, Greek, and Mexican classics. The cookbook also has an ingredient guide, complete with the science behind each ingredient you use, so you can tell your friends exactly why they feel so good every time you cook for them.

Recipes include: 

    • Hanger steak with herb butter

    • Scallops crudo

    • Duck spring rolls

    • Winter squash and sweet potato risotto

    • Ceviche

    • No-chili lamb chili

    • Cauliflower bacon mash

    • Pumpkin flan

    • Strawberries and cream smoothie

    • Many more